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Lighting is a vital component of any home or office. In addition to providing functionality to a room, how your space is illuminated can greatly impact the overall ambience and cohesiveness of the area.

Whether you opt for a task-based approach to lighting or want to create an aesthetically-pleasing emotive effect, a lighting control system can enhance the usability of your space and provide a convenient and smart way to control your lighting.

What is a lighting control system?

Lighting control systems are a networked system of lighting controls that enable you to operate lighting input and output via a central computing device.

At the core of their functionality, lighting controls enable you to turn your lights on and off using a manual switch and/or adjust the light level using a dimmer. Traditionally, the primary purpose of lighting controls has been the ability to provide illumination where practically required, and that objective remains foremost today.

However, as user needs have changed over time, lighting control technology has evolved to accommodate a range of different functions. These additional features enable you to experience flexibility and convenience when operating your lighting controls and include:

  • Automation for ease of use and energy efficiency
  • Adjustable light source colour
  • Remote programming and control
  • Smart home device interconnectivity

With intelligent, or ‘smart’ operating capabilities, the modern iteration of lighting controls enables you to manage your lighting via a networked platform. It offers you the ability to operate the lighting in a single room, or every light in your home, by connecting a variety of devices related to lighting control, including circuitry, data modules, and input controllers such as:

  • Motion sensors
  • Daylight sensors
  • Keypads
  • Smartphone applications

There are many smart lighting control options but when it comes to offering the highest level of flexibility and quality performance, a Rako lighting control system provides you with a complete solution that allows you to maintain full operational control over your lighting scheme with ease.

Who is Rako?

Rako Controls is at the forefront of lighting control systems. Designing and manufacturing state-of-the-art digital dimming technology for residential and commercial applications, Rako provides innovative lighting control solutions that are simple to use and easily installed.

You receive superior lighting control products that incorporate smart control options such as voice command and smartphone integration, providing you with ultimate freedom and command over your lighting system.

Rako’s commitment to continuous development also ensures you have access to the most modern technology available, with a diverse range of lighting controls to suit your specific needs and preferences. It’s easy to customise your home or office space with a pre-set level of lighting for every light fixture, in every room. All with the touch of a button.

How does a Rako lighting control system work?

Gone are the days of walking from room to room to adjust your lighting controls individually. A Rako lighting control system automates your home by allowing you to operate your lighting system from a centralised location.

You can choose to manipulate the lighting in a single room or control the lighting for your entire home by using a Rako smart home lighting control panel to dictate what type of lighting is activated in a particular space and when. The control module allows you to program each button on the keypad to produce a particular lighting effect or scene.

Lighting circuits can be split into different zones so you can highlight particular features in a room or create an individualised ambience depending on the mood and function of that room. Every light in your home can be preset to a preferred level and colour mode based on your personal needs.

Rako offers two main types of lighting control systems: wired and wireless. A wired system connects the lighting control directly to the hard-wired light fixture through a physical cable, creating an instantaneous and interrupted response time.

Conversely, wireless systems allow you to control lighting with a remote or smartphone application, which communicates wirelessly with a central controller, enabling you to operate your lighting from anywhere in your house within range of a receiver module.

Both types of control systems can be integrated together to create a flexible and holistic solution. However, you’ll need to decide which option will form the basis of the platform. And this may depend on several factors, including:

  • Your existing lighting scheme and wired fixtures.
  • What type of lighting controls suit your aesthetic preferences.
  • What features are important to you.
  • Your budget.

Rako wired lighting

Wired lighting control solutions offer the most stable system connectivity. Unlike a wireless lighting control system that relies on transmission range and battery power, a wired system connects each lighting control to a data cable that feeds directly into a central control panel. All lighting devices are connected via this wired connection, enabling the system to generate fast, reliable output and eliminating any potential communication or power issues.

In addition to a stable connection, a wired lighting control system allows more complex information to be transmitted from the control panel to the light fixtures. This enables you to access a wider variety of smart lighting features and easily program advanced light settings such as preset scenes for daily events like breakfast or dinner; time-based activities like lighting your home at a particular time of day; and the creation of a ‘master off’ control function accessible from any keypad.

Whilst wired lighting offers the best connectivity between the two options, it also comes at a higher price due to the intricacy of the installation process. New wiring and data cabling will need to be installed, which involves accessing the inside of walls and ceilings. This makes a wired solution more suited to new home builds or comprehensive renovations.

The benefits of a Rako wired lighting control system:

  • Robust, reliable data connection
  • Allows for more functionality
  • Enables easy system updates
  • Not dependent on battery power

Rako wireless lighting

One of the most notable benefits of Rako’s wireless lighting control system is the relative ease of installation when retrofitting your home. The wireless range allows you to upgrade your current lighting scheme and replace existing light switches with keypad controls and dimmers without replacing the existing circuit wiring.

Like the wired lighting control system, a wireless system is not limited to a single room or area. Receiver modules are wired in line with each lighting circuit, and wall plates are mounted at the existing light switch locations. This allows the system to communicate wirelessly between the data receivers and keypad controls.

The flexibility to utilise and convert conventional wiring to power the control units allows for a more cost-effective and speedier installation. Placing wireless modules where cabling already exists, such as behind downlights, without the need to fit data cables at each keypad position, means that a wireless solution is ideal for most homes.

Rako’s wireless lighting controls come in a wide range of plate finishes and customisable buttons to ensure the system fits in flawlessly with your home’s décor.

The benefits of a Rako wireless lighting control system:

  • Ideal for retrofit solutions and existing homes
  • Simple installation process
  • Cost-effective components
  • Allows for easy expansion

The Hub by Rako

With a plethora of smart devices in our homes today, it can become frustrating and overwhelming having to use multiple controls to operate each device individually. And the thought of adding one more smart product to your home might seem like too much. Thankfully, however, Rako has developed a complete, all-in-one solution that helps you easily stay in control of all your smart home devices – The Hub.

The Hub allows you to connect all of your smart home devices, including your lighting system, through a central control unit. So, not only can you control how your home is illuminated from a centralised operating panel, but The Hub also enables you to manage your smart speakers, blinds, and even schedule timed events using the Rako app. The Hub also offers voice command options to make the system even more convenient.

Why choose a Rako lighting control system

When considering getting started with smart home lighting controls, it can be highly beneficial to invest some time and energy into researching the options available. You get to understand the functionality of lighting control systems and can make an informed decision on a solution that works best for you.

Rako lighting control systems offer a high-quality, cost-effective, and fluid lighting control solution that allows you to create a smart network of interconnected lighting controls. With both wired and wireless systems available, and the option of combining the two technologies, Rako provides choice and flexibility when selecting the right installation type for your home.

For more information on Rako lighting control systems, please contact us or email design@hampshirelight.net to discuss your needs with our expert lighting consultants. Hampshire Light is here to light up your property and hand you complete control.

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