Bespoke Consultancy

Cost Effective

Our cost-effective process has been developed to suit your exact requirements, providing a streamlined hourly rate service with our expert designers.

Our first step together will be to invite you to an in-depth consultation. As part of our flexible approach, this can take place in person at our design studio in Alton, Hampshire, or we can do a virtual meeting online via screen sharing and phone.

Flexible Approach

Working Together

Your consultation will be with our Head Lighting Designer, Bruce Reynolds. Drawing on his talent and vast experience as a lighting designer, Bruce will take time to understand your visions in order to translate your dreams and ideas into a creative, balanced and fully practical lighting design.

Bruce will also discuss different lighting effects and techniques with you, looking through inspirational images to help gain an understanding of your tastes and preferences.

The session will be charged at our hourly consultancy rate. At the end of the meeting if any further consultancy is required, we will be able to give you an estimate of additional hours needed to complete your project. For some clients, one meeting is perfectly sufficient to give all the guidance needed for their project.

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The meeting can be facilitated either online via virtual meeting, or in person at our design studio in Alton.

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