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Project Overview

Vibrant Lighting Scheme

This stunning property is set overlooking beautiful Hampshire countryside.  The contemporary style is brought to life by a vibrant lighting scheme, utilising many different types of lighting effects.

The whole lighting scheme is carefully designed to ensure it not only complements the architecture, but enhances it.

Perhaps the most noticeable lighting feature is the alcove wall in the lounge.  Our clients mentioned to our designer that they were thinking of some kind of illuminated feature wall, so we included an indicative drawing in the 3D images.  Although our designers had no intention of the image serving any purpose other than showing the concept, our client liked the quickly-drafted design so much that they asked their joiner to copy it!

It now creates a dramatic and colourful feature which adds depth and personality to the living room and open-plan areas.  The colours scroll through numerous combinations, either with mixed or single colours.  The reflective surfaces in the lounge seem to change colour too, as the alcove wall scrolls, making the whole area come to life as it constantly changes.  It can also be kept static if required.

The lighting is controlled by a Lutron QS system, enabling our clients to quickly and easily change to different scenes.  This is particularly useful in the kitchen and dining areas where there are multiple circuits.  A superb Blade system recessed into the ceiling above the island harmonises perfectly with the sleek and dramatic design, while linear LED strips in the built-in dresser add warmth and life to the dining area.


Imaginative & Creative Lighting

The hallway, too, has some dramatic features, including superb colour-changing uplighters under the stairs, which are filled with Swarovski crystal!  The crystal creates a fantastic sparkling effect.  Other features in the hallway include the illumination of the textured wall by the front door, and plastered-in accent lights each side of the grandfather clock.  An elegant chandelier hanging from the upper floor adds further depth to the scheme, and reflects in the warm copper wall.

The cloakroom has an atmospheric feel, with moody shades of taupe and black.  The lighting adds vibrancy to the textures and colours.  The gold-leaf-plated basin appears to be 'filled' with light, from a narrow beamed downlight installed above it.

The TV room has a coffered ceiling which is illuminated with LED strip.  The QS system is programmed with different scenes, to provide different levels of drama as desired by the client in day to day life.  The cabinet under the TV appears to be 'floating' on a band of light.

The client had purchased some unique decorative glass panels which were to be installed on the landing upstairs.  We back-lit these features with specialist LED panels – the effect is stunning.

The upstairs bedroom has an inviting and sensual atmosphere, with different scenes and different types of lighting.  In the en suite, too, lighting plays a key part, with an illuminated mirror and alcoves.

The project demonstrates how imaginative and creative effect lighting can bring a whole property to life, when carefully integrated with the architectural and interior design

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