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At Hampshire Light, we pride ourselves on our exceptional quality lighting design services. While our expertise is an important part of the service, it means very little if we don’t partner with the right interior lighting brands. Luxury designer lighting in the UK is about finding the right products that match your home’s décor and your lifestyle. Two of the brands we strongly recommend to our customers are Lutron and Bruck. Both of these companies offer a terrific range of products, including all types of light fixtures and smart lighting systems.

Let’s take a more detailed look at lighting design, and the products on offer from Lutron and Bruck.

The benefits of expert lighting design

Many people make the mistake of ignoring lighting design when they build a home. In many cases, it’s simply a case of ensuring there are ample lights installed, and that’s where the consideration ends. However, with expert lighting design services, you can transform your home into a sanctuary. The way your lights are installed, controlled and of course, the aesthetic design all play a part in creating a heightened level of comfort in the home.

For example, when we provide lighting for designers, we always ask them to consider the ability to control light levels for different settings. These are known as ‘scenes’, and it means giving clients the opportunity to fill a room with light when they need it (such as preparing meals in the kitchen), but then easily decrease the light levels around the dining table to create a more relaxing ambience.

So, lifestyle and functionality are a huge part of lighting design. Another aspect is the visual appeal. Choosing the light fitting types in the UK that match your home’s décor. Using lamp shades for hallways and landings rather than overhead lights. Basically, anything that ties into the interior design and enhances it.

Also, lighting design experts consider the efficiency of the lighting to be installed. This is because most modern homes require a degree of energy efficiency. Efficiency isn’t just about choosing low-energy light bulbs, but also about the function of your lights. Smart lighting systems give you greater control over your lights.

Premium lighting brands – Lutron and Bruck

Two of the brands we’re always happy to recommend are Lutron and Bruck. Both have their pros and cons, however, we believe the benefits of these products far outweigh the negatives. From energy-efficient fixtures to complete home lighting systems, Lutron and Bruck have been industry leaders for decades.

Both brands aim to provide a sense of luxury through home lighting, which is why many interior designers love using their products. Let’s take a look at each brand, their range of products, and what makes them so great.

Bruck Lighting Products

Essentially, there are Bruck lighting products for almost every style of home. Bruck was founded in 1968 and burst onto the global scene in 1985 as a pioneer in the area of miniaturised conductor track systems. Since then, they have continued to innovate with energy-efficient luminaires which makes them a favourite in a world that’s increasingly concerned with electricity use and carbon footprints. For those who want environmentally-friendly products in their home, Bruck focuses on this through the whole manufacturing process too, not just in the end product.

The Bruck range includes stunning lighting options such as:

  •         Spots
  •         Pendants
  •         Tracks
  •         Wall and ceiling
  •         Outdoor
  •         Canopy systems

To really accent your home with expertly placed lighting products, we highly recommend many of Bruck’s range. One of the more popular collections is the High-Line cable system, which comes with a variety of spot and downlights on a sleek cable system.

What are they best at?

Variety is the key as far as Bruck is concerned. The sheer number of beautiful designs in their range is why we love them. However, we’re also impressed with the pricing. Bruck always aims to create economical yet stunning light solutions, so there are plenty of affordable products in the range that still look incredible. Then, if you want something a little more luxurious, they have dedicated collections to suit your needs too.

In addition, we also love the heavy use of beautiful globes in their products. They’re an energy-efficient choice but also give you excellent light and exceptional control.

What can they do better?

Despite being one of the top ceiling light brands, thanks to the incredible array of styles and designs to suit any home, there is one thing we’d love to see more of from Bruck. We’re talking about lighting systems. While they do boast some impressively designed track lighting systems, they don’t have a fully integrated ‘smart lighting’ system as such.

The High-Line system, for example, gives you some great control, but only over the lights installed in that system. So, in the future, we’re hoping to see Bruck move more into smart lighting. Don’t fear, however, because you can still get beautiful Bruck light fixtures and install a different smart lighting system.

Lutron Lighting Systems

Lutron ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to lighting solutions. The company has been around for decades and has always been at the forefront of energy-saving lighting. Owner Joel Spira invented the first electronic dimmer in 1961, and the brand has continually evolved since then.

Fast-forward to 2022, Lutron wireless lighting is incredibly popular, and the brand is known for its integrated smart lighting systems. Essentially, Lutron offers solutions for both residential and commercial settings, and they are constantly innovating with new technology that reduces lighting costs and increases comfort.

In addition to Lutron lighting systems (of which there are several), the brand also offers plenty of light fixtures such as Lumaris Linears and Finire Downlights. Impressively, they also offer a great range of shading systems, such as automated blinds that can be controlled by wireless remotes, or even through a whole home control system.

What are they best at?

If we had to pick one thing that Lutron does really well, it’s their whole home lighting systems. For example, the RA2 Select system gives you everything you need and more. Not only can you control your lights remotely through a smartphone app, but you can even set lights to come on at certain times of day – especially handy for outdoor lights when you arrive home.

With the RA2 Select, you can even pre-program scenes that include different light settings and levels for different activities. Such as bright lights for cooking and dimmer lights for dining. The Pico remotes can be mounted to a wall without any wiring, and give you complete control over the lights and blinds in each room. Perhaps best of all, the system comes with occupancy sensors that automatically turn the lights on and off as you enter a room.

So, while Lutron has plenty of lighting products on offer for the modern home, we absolutely love the control and functionality of their integrated home lighting systems.

What can they do better?

If we had to be really picky and come up with a negative for Lutron, it would be pretty difficult. The only thing we’d love to see more of is a greater range of individual lighting fixtures. While the brand does exclusively sell a few lighting collections, its main focus is on control systems. In that sense, the lack of abundance in light fixtures is barely even a negative, especially when lighting designers can find numerous other beautiful lighting products that can be controlled by a Lutron system.

Pricing and estimates for different designs

We won’t go into specific pricing details in this article because lighting design services vary greatly depending on your needs. Rather, let’s take a look at how different designs impact the cost estimates.

Firstly, the size of the project will be one of the biggest price factors. Designing lighting for a single room is a lot different than doing the whole house. You need to take into consideration not just the number of light bulbs or fixtures, but also the complexity of design. Much like any design professional, if it takes longer, it will cost more.

Secondly, the products you choose will make a difference in price. Hampshire Light deals in premium, luxury lighting solutions. That means we’ll be installing products from many of the top ten lighting brands in the country. Quality fixtures and fittings last longer, look better, and add a touch of elegance to any home, but they do come at a price.

The control mechanism also impacts the price. If you’re interested in having a fully integrated smart lighting system, it’s going to cost more than just having simple dimmer switches and diffused lighting fixtures. However, you get total control over the light settings throughout your home, with plenty of other great features as we discussed above.

For more accurate pricing and estimates, we recommend speaking to our experts to arrange a consultation. This is where we can explore everything you want and what’s most important for your lighting system.

How Hampshire Light uses Bruck and Lutron lighting products

The beauty of luxury lighting brands is how they can work together seamlessly. You might love the convenience and control of the Lutron RA2 Select lighting system, but you may prefer the aesthetics of Bruck light fixtures. Whatever your preference, we can make it happen.

As we work with both Lutron and Bruck products regularly, we can recommend and advise combinations of the two if we feel it would enhance your home. If we think sticking to one brand is a better option for your circumstances, we can do that too. It’s all about finding the right balance and the lighting products that genuinely add value, comfort and convenience to your home.

Book a lighting consultation today

If you’re building a new home or renovating, it’s time to get serious about lighting. We find out what matters most to you, and design lighting to suit your lifestyle. Whether it’s a single room, zoned areas, entire homes or whole buildings, we deliver beautiful, luxury lighting solutions aligned with your needs. For Bruck lighting products, Lutron lighting system or a combination of both, speak with our experts today to arrange a consultation. At Hampshire Light, we transform homes.

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