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As a key component in any room’s design, lighting has a huge influence on how things look, feel, and function throughout the day. In fact, lighting plays such an important role that whether you’re renovating an existing home, or designing the interior of a new build, it must be considered from as early as the project allows. It cannot be an afterthought.

But to ensure the project is not only successful in the short term, the latest industry trends should be considered in every lighting decision that’s made. Otherwise, you may find yourself replacing out-of-date fixtures 6 months down the line.

So, to help you create a stylish and long-lived lighting solution, we’ve put together five of the biggest lighting design trends for 2022.

1. Smart lighting technology

It’s no surprise that in 2022, smart technology makes its way into the world of lighting design.

Through the use of smart lighting technology, you’re able to control how your space looks, feels, and functions with lighting. Here’s how.

Lighting control products can be integrated with layers of light, along with other smart home technologies to allow for automation.

Take Lutron Homeworks for example. This device can be installed to give you full control over your lights, blinds, and home speakers, all from the power of your voice, smart phone, and wall-mounted keypads.

There’s so much more that smart lighting technology has to offer, and with the convenience it brings to home across the world, it’s a trend here to stay. We predict it will only become more popular.

For further information on smart lighting and what it can do for your project, take a look at our complete guide to lighting control systems. In this article, you’ll find examples of smart lighting in use, its benefits, and the costs attached to such greatness.

lighting controls

2. Oversized lighting fixtures

In the past, many homeowners would attempt to blend their lighting in, or have it disappear completely. And whilst simplicity and minimalism as a trend is still around (we’ll get to that later) oversized, and more elaborate lighting fixtures have become a route that many aspire for their homes.

Because open plan living areas have become more popular, the use of large fixtures to help to make the space feel more inviting, and less ‘empty’ if you will.

For example, if you have a large, open dining area, a simple and minimalist approach to lighting probably won’t work. The space needs a stand-out feature that brings it all together, and lighting can certainly help. By choosing a large chandelier in a situation like this, you’ll create a more balanced look that compliments the space appropriately.  

kitchen lighting fixtures

3. Black and brass finishes

As an extremely popular finish in all aspects of interior design, brass is found in kitchen appliances, home décor, dressing tables, and of course, lighting fixtures.

Brass is a great way to finish your home with a touch of luxury, whilst complimenting an Empire or Scandinavian style. 

Pair this with black for contrast, and you’ll create a spot of comfort and warmth to your space.

Black and brass lighting fixtures are a great alternative to the usual silver and gold, making your interior stand out as a stylish, on-trend space.

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4. Eco-friendly lighting

Eco-friendly, green, sustainable, however you refer to bettering the environment, it’s a trend no industry can escape. Not only should you choose to use energy-efficient bulbs, but consider fixtures made from natural resources such as wood and bamboo.

This trend can also be expressed in the design of your fixtures too. Lamp designs consisting of natural leaf patterns are popular, as well as large wood texture chandeliers.

eco-friendly lighting

5. Simplicity and minimalism

A rational use of space with a simple and minimalist design is both practical and easy on the eye. This trend, which has been around for some time, helps to not only remove the unnecessary details in your lighting scheme, but can be achieved on a budget without sacrificing in the looks department.

Using basic colours will help create a minimalist design that supports an ultra-modern finish, so stick with shades like black, white, and grey. Combine this with simple, symmetrically shaped fixtures, and carry this through the rest of your interior for consistency.

simple lighting

Achieve your lighting design vision with the experts

Interested to see how the above lighting design trends could enhance your space? Then get in touch with our experts at Hampshire Light today. With over 20 years’ experience in the lighting industry, we have the expertise and knowledge needed to help you achieve a cost-effective and timely lighting solution that takes your space to the next level.


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