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Lighting design has a dramatic impact on the overall aesthetic of your property. The right lighting in the right setting can evoke a particular feeling or mood, which can positively contribute to the comfort, hospitality, and functionality of your space.

With this in mind, it can be extremely beneficial to engage a professional lighting consultant to help work through your ideas and develop a lighting plan that suits your needs. However, as with any large-scale project, budget is a major factor in deciding on your choice of lighting.

Having a good idea of what factors affect the cost of your lighting project and the benefits of having a lighting expert on your team can assist you in developing your lighting budget.

The Benefits of Expert Lighting Design

Lighting is a core pillar of design. Done well and correctly, the lighting should harmonise with its surroundings and enhance the space by creating a complementary ambience.

The overall lighting design and illumination choices can be the difference between welcoming guests into a warm and inviting space or discouraging engagement with a stark and cold atmosphere. That's why enlisting the help of a lighting design service is incredibly beneficial.

A professional lighting designer has the technical knowledge combined with the creative prowess to produce a functional and aesthetically-pleasing lighting scheme that enhances your environment. More than simply placing fittings where illumination is required, a lighting designer considers both form and function when developing an appropriate lighting plan for your space.

Through in-depth consultation and analysis of your space, an expert lighting designer will provide a holistic lighting solution that considers many factors such as glare, visual comfort, energy consumption, environmental impacts, and of course, your budget.

Your designer will explore different lighting techniques to take full advantage of your space's architectural, environmental, and decorative features and create lighting effects that emphasise and promote harmonisation between both the functional and exciting aspects of the setting.

The Lighting Design Process

The end project cost depends on a few different stages to the lighting design process. Starting with the concept for your lighting plan, your lighting designer will consult closely with you to understand your lighting needs and determine exactly what you would like to achieve from your lighting design.

Close collaboration between you and your lighting consultant is the most critical and impactful stage of the design process as it will shape the direction of the lighting plan moving forward. However, this should not be the only point where you and your lighting expert discuss your lighting plan.

Your lighting design provider should offer a complete end-to-end consultative service. Flexibility and availability are vital during the course of your project. Your designer should be available to consult on any design issue or concern and provide you with regular updates on the progress of your lighting plan.

Following your initial consultation, your lighting design will be developed based on your personal tastes and preferences. Utilising modern techniques and lighting effects, your lighting designer will structure your lighting plan to produce the required ambience for each space in your home.

In addition to developing the design of your new lighting solution, your lighting designer can provide lighting layout drawings that identify your home’s circuitry and outline the technical specifications to assist in implementing your lighting plan. A complete, end-to-end lighting service will also collaborate with qualified, highly skilled electricians and oversee the final stages of the project to ensure the safe and efficient installation of your lighting scheme.

Different Types of Lighting Projects

Different types of lighting projects involve various budgetary considerations depending on the scope of the project. From renovating a single room to enhancing your outdoor space or developing a complete lighting scheme for your restaurant or hotel, each application requires dedicated planning and consultation to create a bespoke lighting design that meets your needs and satisfies your budget.

Above all, it’s essential to understand what you want to achieve from your lighting design and what effect this will have on costs. This process can be helped by knowing how each type of project differs.


To fully realise the potential of your living space, residential lighting design can help you make the most of your surroundings with thoughtful illumination that creates an inviting atmosphere.

Each room in your house may require a different level of lighting, or be designed to invoke a different mood. Or you may prefer to have the entire space utilise similar lighting techniques to promote a more uniform flow throughout.

No matter the effects implemented, from concealed linear detailing to accentuating and highlighting particular features within your home, your lighting plan will be designed to your exact preferences with a focus on adding interest and energy to your space.


Downlights often feature in effective lighting schemes due to their versatility, unobtrusive design, and ability to produce a high volume of light. Another significant benefit to utilising downlights is the energy efficiency and long-lasting qualities of LED lighting. They are also an excellent choice for low ceilings and settings requiring less conspicuous fittings.

Downlight installation costs can vary according to how accessible your wiring is, along with the quality and quantity of the fittings. However, on average you can expect prices starting from £65.


Setting the right mood is essential for successful customer engagement within the hospitality sector. To achieve this, hospitality lighting design is crucial in creating an ambience and atmosphere that embraces and reflects your location's voice.

Well-positioned illumination and careful use of lighting techniques can produce effects that influence the mood and feelings of guests, encouraging patrons to linger in your establishment by offering an inspiring and pleasurable environment.

Luxury lighting

From restaurants to hotels, spas to reception rooms, hospitality facilities are designed to transport guests to a world outside of the ordinary. It's taking them on a journey of opulence and discovery while soaking in the luxury of their surroundings. Great lighting design can achieve this.

Hospitality lighting services can be as simple or comprehensive as you require. The complexity in creating the ideal environment to engage visitors is noteworthy as flawless placement is vital to producing the intended effects. Therefore, lighting design and installation costs are inherently subjective.

However, it may be helpful to understand that this type of project may require a lighting designer to charge an hourly rate for their services, starting anywhere from £50 per hour.


Garden lighting can significantly enhance the look and feel of your outdoor space. The right type of lighting technique can evoke certain feelings or sweep you up in a magical nightscape of dramatic effects and subtle highlights. Ultimately, landscape lighting design enables you to utilise your outdoor living area long after the natural light of the day has disappeared.

There is a wide range of stunning landscape lighting solutions to choose from, it all comes down to your specific needs as to which is most suitable for your garden.


Spotlights are a fantastic way to draw attention to particular features within your garden. By directing one, or multiple light beams toward your feature, you can create an eye-catching focal point that will highlight the shape and beauty of the subject.

Similar to the cost of installing downlights, spotlight installation cost depends on factors such as accessibility, quality, and quantity. As for the suggested price point, expect to pay upwards of £65, which is the basic install cost for one fitting if all is okay, i.e. the wiring is easy to install, and it’s easily accessible.

Whether the application is residential, hospitality, or landscape, you may want to consider energy-efficient lighting options that can help reduce your energy consumption and decrease your power costs.

Lighting Design Costs

Due to the personalised and unique nature of bespoke lighting plans, the costs involved are very much dependent on your ideas, preferences, and scope/complexity of the project.

Along with your specific requirements and lighting choices, the size of your property also plays a significant role in the price you can expect to pay for your lighting design. However, as a general guide, the average cost of having a professional lighting plan pack and project support from an expert developed based on a typical four-bedroom home can range between £5000 - £9000.

A professional lighting consultant may provide an all-encompassing price for your lighting project or offer an hourly rate consultancy service. By opting for an hourly rate, you have the flexibility to choose how involved you want your lighting designer, allowing for a more comprehensive consultation process. Hourly rates for lighting professionals vary but often fall within the range of £50 to £85 per hour.

With such a vast array of moving parts, it can be difficult to detail an exact compendium of expected costs for your lighting project. But, considering current rates, you can expect to pay on average £7000, which should include consultation with your lighting expert, all design work, and the requisite technical plans.

As noted, this estimated average may differ considerably according to your specific requirements.

Accommodating Your Budget Into Your Lighting Plan

Your lighting project involves a large personal component when it comes to creating the right ambience for your home. You want your personal vision brought to life in lights, and how close you come to achieving your lighting goals will vary greatly depending on your budgetary requirements.

A lighting consultant can provide you with a number of design scenarios that incorporate your ultimate lighting aspirations and ideal configurations. Working with the absolute minimum costs needed to achieve your vision, you can then discuss your upper price limit with your designer to ensure that projects costs remain within your spending capacity.

Again, it's important to remember that your lighting plan should consider your absolute budget as a whole and factor in all necessary elements and relevant costs such as cabling, installation, fittings, and fixtures.

Hampshire Light can help guide you through the entire process and take care of all your lighting design requirements. Contact us today to discuss your vision with one of our experts.

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