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Your home décor wish list consists of new pillows, decorative wall art, and comfy furniture to fill your beloved space. But are you forgetting that one key piece that ties all of this and your home together?

When it comes to your home, the place you spend most of your time in, accent lighting is like putting the cherry on top of a cake. It completes the look of your space, adds a sense of character, and highlights the aspects of your property you’re proud of. Put it this way, you didn’t decorate your home for it to be drenched by shadows.

With just a little planning and cleverly positioned light fixtures, you can direct eyes towards that high-value painting, or up a fancy winding staircase. The beauty of accent lighting is… the choice is yours.

So, if you need some advice on how to finish your home with lighting design, read on. Here are five important tips you should follow when planning your accent lighting.

1. Locate a blank canvas

What do we mean by this? Don’t forget your hallways!

With lighting, hallways can be easily missed, which leads to a rather boring and bland space in your home. Consider your hallways as a blank canvas and use a series of wall sconces to bring the space to life.

In fact, this technique works for all walls which are missing that certain something you just can’t quite put a finger on. For example, an entry way, empty stairwell, or room where walls might otherwise be bare, try a wall sconce and we’re positive it’ll make the difference you imagined.

2. Identify unique features

Whether your home presents fancy architectural design, valuable artwork, or cherished family photos, accent lighting should be used to highlight these unique features.

This can be achieved using various spotlights, or again, wall sconces. But be sure to place your accent lighting far enough above the intend focal point, so that the light doesn’t overpower and diminish your target piece. Instead, you want a soft glow that enhances it in a subtle but noticeable way. Remember, this type of lighting is supposed to add a dash of personality to your home - not drown it 

3. Add a touch of colour

Accent lighting is not only used for visual purposes. If used in a daring or diversified way, this way of lighting can add a more vibrant and energetic feel to your space.

Light has an influence on our emotional and sensory perception, so we suggest experimenting with accent lights of different colours, if your taste permits. Check out the example below on a recent project of ours.

Want to learn more about lighting design?

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4. Consider the atmosphere

The lighting in each of your rooms should be used to complement the atmosphere. For instance, living rooms are intended to feel cosy and relaxing, whereas home cinemas are cosy and dramatic. The difference between ‘relaxing’ and ‘dramatic’ will make a huge difference to how you use accent lighting in this scenario.

So, to get the most from your lighting scheme, use various levels of light, types of fixtures, and positions to set the tone of each room with the help of accent lighting.

5. Size up your space

Did you know that accent lighting can be used to make a room appear larger? If you’re stuck with low ceilings or a tight space somewhere in your home, this tip is certainly worth taking note of.

Wall lights that illuminate the surface upwards and downwards can be used to exaggerate the height of a room. You also want to enhance any dark corners, and be sure to utilise low-profile, or recessed fixtures when doing so. This will give the space more room to breathe, and in turn, appear bigger than it actually is.

Help with accent lighting from the experts

At Hampshire Light, we specialise in the design and supply of lighting for homes in Hampshire and surrounding counties. We work closely with you, our client, to determine the requirements of your home and collaborate with professional installers to ensure your new lighting scheme is fitted flawlessly.

If you’re looking to speak with an expert about implementing a superior lighting solution in your home, contact us today, we’d be more than happy to help.


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