Planning your dream home is a big step to take.

You have your visions, aspirations, and numerous ideas to make your new home the best it can be.  You're planning your future lifestyle, to be enjoyed every day by you and your family.

The lighting is all-important, and the single factor that draws the whole scheme together.  Alone, it has more impact than any other aspect of the design.



Budget control is always a very important factor for anyone managing a new build or refurbishment project, especially the need to avoid escalating or unpredicted costs.

Another key point is how to establish your cost boundaries for your lighting.  There's a line to draw between achieving a pleasant and desirable lighting design, whilst not spending more money than is really necessary.



Specialist help with your lighting not only makes the end result better, it makes the design and build phase easier.  It takes away the uncertainty of whether you're doing the right thing, removes the need to know what your electricians are talking about, and lightens your load on the organisation.

In conjunction with that, clients like yourselves want to maintain a certain amount of control over the project.  A sensible, trustworthy and responsible attitude on the part of the lighting designer is needed throughout the duration of the project.


With a friendly and ‘nothing is too much trouble’ approach, you worked with us for the duration of the project to ensure timely delivery, correct installation and appropriate final set up to our absolute satisfaction

Owner of refurbishment project in Hampshire

Hampshire Light’s team of experts has provided us with knowledgeable guidance, practical yet beautiful designs and exceptional service whilst we were renovating our seventeenth century cottage. The end result met exactly the objective we set, for tradition to sympathetically meet innovative modern lighting

Owner of a cottage in Basingstoke, Hampshire

The lighting really creates the right ambience at any time of day or mood... thanks very much for your expertise

Owner of a London home