If you are planning an extension or other building work to your home, your goal is likely to be the same as many thousands of homeowners – to make your project the best it can be, without exceeding your budget.

A well-designed lighting scheme will bring the whole project together and enhance your furnishings, architecture and joinery to the best effect.

It will also increase your day-to-day enjoyment of the finished result, with a visually balanced design, practical switching, smooth dimming, and correct light levels in each area.


During a consultancy meeting we discuss your project and the ideas you already have, and provide down-to-earth lighting design advice and technical input.

One of our designers will offer creative and practical ideas for your consideration, and show you samples of different products.  A lighting concept design is drawn up during the meeting, for you to take away.

Further documentation and input is available as desired, such as scaled layout plans, and a detailed luminaire schedule.  These optional extras mean you can take advantage of our services to whatever extent is desired, in a flexible and cost-effective way.

Our expertise will enable you to eliminate awkward hotspots, uneven lighting on work surfaces, too-dark corners, unsightly shadows, out of kilter spacing, arcs of light which are misaligned with architectural features, mismatching colour temperatures, etc.


We are very conscious of the need to stay within your desired cost parameters, so will discuss an estimated budget before we start talking about ideas for the lighting design.

Approximate prices for different products will be discussed throughout the consultancy meeting, to ensure we keep track of the expected product costs as we go.  After the meeting, we send a detailed quote for your consideration.

Our consultancy service is charged by the hour, invoiced after the consultancy session.

We offer a no-obligation meeting to establish your requirements, before moving on with any chargeable consultancy.  Please phone 01420 549961 to book your initial meeting!

My wife and I left your studio feeling inspired!

Owner of a modern home near Andover, Hampshire

We think the lighting is stunning and thank you so much for your creativity and vision.  I knew that lighting this space would be an extremely important element so very glad we worked with experts!

Owner of a refurbishment in Hampshire

I felt confident that someone was listening in detail, looking at the photos of the rooms in question and providing advice as to what was needed

Owner of a cottage near Stockbridge, Hampshire

I can't tell you how grateful I was and still am to receive advice from someone who knows what they are talking about!

Owner of a listed building in Romsey